Greenlight Films provides complete production services in Singapore to help bring your film vision to life. Whether you are an independent filmmaker or a large production company, we can provide you with the resources and expertise you need to make your film a success.

Our complete film production services include location scouting, equipment rental, casting, and post-production. We also have a network of experienced professionals who can provide additional services such as sound design, special effects, and more.
In addition to providing services for film productions, we also offer services for the production of commercials, corporate videos, music video sand other visual media.

Greenlight Films offers film production services in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific region. This allows us to provide our clients the benefits of local knowledge and resources while having access to the wider network of production professionals across the APAC region. This means we can provide you with a wider range of shooting locations, crew, equipment and services to meet your production needs. We can also help you save costs by finding the most suitable and affordable resources in the region.

Picture from Unsplash