Our team is specialized in providing high-quality production services to clients looking to capture the beauty and culture of this vibrant and diverse country, and to help you create a successful and memorable production.


With a deep understanding of the culture, customs, and regulations in Thailand, we can help you navigate the permitting process, find the perfect locations, and work with local talents and crew.

Why Thailand ?

Thailand is a top destination for filmmakers due to its diverse landscapes, stunning beaches, and ancient temples, as well as its rich culture and friendly people. The country offers a wide range of locations, from bustling cities to idyllic rural villages, making it a perfect destination for any type of production. Thailand’s natural beauty, with its lush jungles, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, is a big draw for filmmakers looking to capture breathtaking landscapes. The country’s rich culture and history also make it an ideal location for period films or films set in exotic locations.

Additionally, the Thai government is supportive of the film industry and offers various incentives for filmmakers to shoot their productions in Thailand. These include tax breaks, location scouting assistance, and access to skilled local crew.

Working with a local production company such as Greenlight Films, that is familiar with the culture, customs, and regulations in Thailand, can also help ensure a smooth and successful production. 

Greenlight film production location thailand


As a foreign filmmaker shooting in Thailand, you must secure a film permit before starting production. The film permit protects both you and the people involved in the production. Trust us you need one.

The film permit processing time can range from 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the type and size of the production. Costs also vary depending on the size of the production. The production services company will handle the film permit process from start to finish, and deal with Thailand Film Office and relevant authorities on your behalf. Greenlight Films is a production service company in Thailand that is certified by the Thailand Film Office.